One-on-One Mentoring

There are limited spots and are based on an application and selection process, and are therefore highly customized. They are made available only as current mentees graduate. A mentoring package starts at USD800, with renewal options thereafter

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1.2 Short Courses for Academics

Professor Khoo runs several signature programmes for small groups of academics. These programmes can be accessed online and are self-paced. They can also be customized for in -person delivery.

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1.2.1 Being a Real, Raw, No-Shit Academic

Stop doing stupid shit and plan mindfully to be the FIRST CLASS, KICK ASS academic YOU want to be. Three modules says it all:-

  • Slay academic demons so you are invincible to the shadows
  • Cut the academic bullshit so you can do damn good
  • Create genuine no BS tribes so you’re loved real

1.2.2 Navigating the Academic Peer Review Process

What happens behind the scene after you submitted that paper? Why does it get rejected and how to ensure that yours doesn’t? You will have access to a comprehensive and easy-to-use template that ticks all the damn boxes for the editors and reviewers.

1.2.3 From Submission to Publication: What You Didn’t Know that Could Help Your Academic Career

If you think publication in journals will help you get the promotion, you’ve got it all wrong. This course will leave you wide-eyed and ready to fast-track your career. You can thank me later.

1.3. In-house training and workshops

Professor Khoo facilitates customized and/or in-house for universities, academic conference organizers and research organisations.

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