A Flight for PhD Students

Don’t Miss Out, Board the Job Flight!!
The “NEW” way to thinking about the job you want. 

If you find yourself…

  • feeling nervous, or anxious about finding a job post PhD
  • feeling worried at the uncertainty of your future
  • overwhelmed by what you need to do to secure a job
  • disappointed for not meeting your publications target
  • thinking your chance of making money is limited

Then, you absolutely need to enrol for this course….

Ready to board the job flight (sorry about the plane metaphor, I am a Tourism Professor after all :-P), polish your CV, and have a clear flight path to making money?

The Itinerary

  • Where do you want to go: Academia or otherwise
  • Who are you: Establishing your expertise and narrative
  • Who sees you: Building your networks and net worth
  • Where are you: Communicating your authority
  • You missed your flight? Emergency strategies for late-stage HDR students
Yes, I Want To Board The Flight!

What They Say

Here’s what past PhD students have said about the course:-

Shruti Verma: I am more hopeful (after the course) because there are varied possibilities. 

Sid Murthy: I feel better now because there are several opportunities and prospects to look forward to. 

Karen Quiloy: Dr Catheryn is an excellent speaker. I learned a lot from her engaging and fun talk and from her personal global experiences. You learn how to best market yourself and increase your chances of getting the job you want (either in academe or industry)

Prachi Thakur: Within one week of taking the course, I used Dr Catheryn’s strategies to bill my own university to teach a course based on my PhD research – this is unbelievably amazing!

What You Will Learn

  • How to narrow your job search to reduce the overwhelm
  • How to find your niche and sell it!
  • How to immediately raise your profile
  • How to expand your networks
  • How to become visible to those who hire you
  • My template to pitch to your hirers
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