Catheryn was the sole Consultant to the UNWTO and the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in curating the two-day conference. Catheryn wrote the technical requirements for the conference, designed the format, sourced speakers and worked with UNWTO and MOTAC to oversee the running of the conference.

UNWTO 1st Regional Conference on the Empowerment of Women in Tourism

Dr Catheryn Khoo was the Regional Field Expert (Asia and the Pacific) hired by UNWTO report for this report, alongside three other area consultants. The report compiles the latest statistical data and in-depth examples of good practice to illustrate the contribution tourism is making towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering all Women and Girls. The report examines key factors that contribute to gender equality in the tourism sector, pinpointing challenges and identifying ways to mitigate inequality and harness tourism’s potential to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment worldwide.

UNWTO Global Report on Women in Tourism

Funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the project was to co-design a digital training programme for women entrepreneurs in Latin America, with an aim to empower them with the confidence and know-how to access the digital space so they can maximise the potential of their businesses.
Women entrepreneurs generally lag behind in terms of digital entrepreneurship, product/brand development and online marketing. Compared to males, women entrepreneurs also experience a greater sense of vulnerability relating to online sexual harassment when engaging in e-commerce. The Women in Digital project aims to empower women entrepreneurs to succeed in international tourism markets by cultivating their digital entrepreneurial competency. The project contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 to promote gender equality.

Empowering Women in Tourism Through Entrepreneurial Digital Competencies

The purpose of this project was to generally assist the development and improvement of the tourism offerings in the Western Downs region. Catheryn was in charge of the research that outlines the key reasons and motivations for people to visit the Western Downs region. She also contributed to the review of current tourism assets in Western Downs and helped scope out new innovative tourism product experiences and services to increase the attraction of the region in becoming more than a ‘through’ destination.

Tourism Strategy for Western Downs Regional Council, Australia

The tourism experience should be a wow experience. It should tell the story of the tourism business and destination. Catheryn worked with the senior executives at Terma Linca Resort to develop their story and from there, to story-show through their existing products but also develop and pilot some new products.

Terma Linca Resort, Bhutan

Shanker Hotel in Kathmandu is built on a historic Rana palace. Catheryn was brought in to train their staff to deliver “wow” service and hospitality and part of the training includes story-showing their place through their marketing and product communication.

Shanker Hotel, Nepal

I was part of the team with Sarah Gardiner, Ryan Yung, Tina Armstrong & Jolon Faichney hired to research and prepare this report. We conducted a global environmental scan of the latest technologies in tourism, industry consultation workshops in five Queensland tourism regions, as well as an online survey with responses from over 100 Queensland tourism businesses and stakeholders. The plan identifies four priority areas and 14 key initiatives that will enable Queensland tourism businesses to upskill, train and develop experiences, processes and services that embrace this new digital era. On p.26, there is a specific mention of the #womenempowerment in tech.

The Queensland Tourism Digital Workforce Development and Training Plan