First Class Tourism delivers training and consultancy on the following areas. Catheryn not only draws from her expertise and but collaborates mindfully with others to put together a strong team of experts to deliver the best results for the clients.

Keynote & Panel Appearances

Catheryn can speak on the following topics or topics related to:-

  • Women empowerment and gender equality
  • Feminising urban spaces
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Managing diverse workplaces
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Catheryn is a hugely assured and captivating public speaker who can brilliantly distil a complex topic and cut to the chase in an engaging user- friendly way. You don’t realise you are actually learning about something quite complicated, so accessible is her tone and approach! Highly recommend her!

– Rajan Datar, BBC Broadcaster


Catheryn can consult on the following topics or topics related to:-

  • Gender in tourism action plan
  • Inclusivity implementation
  • Inclusive tourism strategy
  • Tourism consumer insights
  • New tourism product development
  • Tourism marketing plan
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Catheryn is a pleasure to work with. Her collaborative communication style, as well as her straightforward uncomplicated presentation skills, turned an intricate subject matter into an easy-to-understand outcome. The professionalism she brings to the table combined with her attention to detail and proven methodologies helped our progress our project in a timely fashion. Catheryn’s knowledge and understanding of the Tourism Market, both nationally and internationally were invaluable in helping define the outcomes we were looking for. I would highly recommend Dr. Catheryn Khoo for engagement with any project needing input around Tourism and visitor engagement in Australia.

– Paul Garcia, Abbey Museum of Art and Archeology & Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland

The final case-study report that was received was of high quality and will make and excellent contribution to the final report. The perspective that your insights into the cultural differences that exist in Asia and the Pacific towards gender-equality issues is an area where your contribution will be particularly valued.

– Marina Diotallevi, Head, Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility, UNWTO

I drew much resonance from her presentation and sharing, where her research and expertise centred around lifting confidence and raising awareness in women to break free from preconceived notions and expectations, which would then allow them to tap into their fullest potential and thrive guilt-free in all aspects of life. Her conviction to empower women from all walks of life to live on their own terms without succumbing to stereotypes and dogmas is particularly noteworthy. I admire her ability to connect women to a larger purpose, inspire commitment to making changes, boost resolve, and help find deeper meaning in their existence.

– Asha Menon, Regional Director, Culture and Organizational Effectiveness at ZALORA Group


Catheryn can train on the following topics or topics related to:-

  • Gender equality
  • Women leadership in tourism
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Managing culturally diverse workplaces
  • Tourism co-creation
  • Service failure and delivery
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